Is this meant to be an argument?  No, because this has to do with life and death. That you are verbally combative does not make or turn you into lawyer.

Again this lacuna between desire and reality cannot and should not be overlooked. In as much as I hate corruption with every of my being, I must confess that I have seen something that is more deadly than all that we take for corruption.

Globally, mosquitoes have proven to be the worst of all terrorists. To put the matter straight or like they say to hit the nail on the head – one bite of mosquito can keep anybody on the bed for two weeks. Even the rich are not exempted from this terror caused by mosquito (malaria), yes they most times travel abroad to treat their own case of malaria.

That you’ve worked as a sales girl in a pharmacy or a chemist shop for many years does not in any way make you a qualified doctor. Morally speaking, the fact that doctors get much as their pay (that is if they are not self employed) does not justify any person with conscience to forge an MBBS certificate, that is disdainful.

Doctors are extraordinary, reading quiet a lot, one of which is pharmacology and they are also good psychologists knowing what to say, when and how. They do even get to know the unsaid and that which is meant to be hidden by the patient. That you know what a particular drug cures does not give you the right to prescribe such to people, otherwise when anything   like side effect begins to manifest, you would automatically get anxious and jittery. It is supposed to be that when anxiety creeps in, the confidence displayed by the doctor, to a large extent reduces the problem of the patient.

When the blood pressure or cholesterol of a person gets to or above a certain mmHg/mmol/level, does a doctor try to handle the symptoms or diagnose to get at the cause?

There are also so called doctors that  take glory in keeping the name of the drugs they are giving to their patients secret, the reason may be best known to them but the law has it that a patient has the right to know the name of whatever medicine he or she has been given.

While communicating, a doctor ought to be impeccable, impartial, accurate and straight to the point, not a person who would ask the patient” do you enjoy smoking” for the fact that the doctor is a smoker deprives him or her the power to condemn smoking. Without missing words, any attempt by such a smoker to condemn smoking amounts to an exhibition of criminal sagacity and the prove of a deformed conscience.

On a certain day, I had an inner prompting to visit my uncle which I couldn’t resist. Then while on my way I saw him, his wife and one of their sons. When we both stopped and after exchanging pleasantries, I was compelled to follow them to the private clinic where my nephew had for days been receiving treatment.

After some injections were given to him (as usual) she finally gave the take-home drugs which I perused.

The treatment was for malaria, as such I was surprised to see some tablets of vitamin C which is an antioxidant and malaria treatment works on oxidation: process of combining with oxygen (for short). Seeing a doctor try to mix oxidant with antioxidant, I marveled and only had one question: Is this a doctor?

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