By Okechukwu Obinwa

A prison is a building for confining people who are awaiting trial, while a cell is a small room for a prisoner. The main reason for establishing prisons in any society is basically reformatory.

The first Nigerian prison, the Broad Street Prison, was established by Britishcolonialists in Lagos in 1872, with a capacity for three hundred (300) inmate.

Prisons service in Nigeria has come a long way. However, the abolition of native Authority Prisons, and the subsequent unification of the prisons services in Nigeria was what brought about the establishment of the Nigerian Prisons Services (NPS) in 1968.

There was a raid in a certain state, which an acronym stands for Iron Must Obey. And if the supreme law of the nation is anything to go by then, that was illegal and a gross abuse of power, cause section 62 subsection 9 states in the 1979 constitution (as amended) that a public officer shall do or direct rto be done in abuse of his office, ant arbitrary act to the rights of any other person knowing that such act is unlawful or contrary to any government policy.

Under such democratic (or familocratic) dispensation that we are in, how could there be such a reckless display of lawlessness by the government of the da. Section 31, subsection 1b and c of the 199 constitution (as amended) puts it thus no person shall be held in slavery or servitude. 1c; no person shall be required to perform forced or compulsory labour. But what are those inmates (though innocent) going through? Seeing is believing.

Section32(3) is clear on the issue at hand – any person who is arrested or detained shall be informed in writing within 24 hours (and in a language that he/she understands) of the facts and grounds for his/her arrest or detention.

My undiluted fear lies in the overpopulation of the prisons (not only that) the association of people there, yes, as association fuels assimilation, whoever surrounds you determine what you can survive.

The truth is that it is unwise to think that they cannot convince them to compromise. The climate of life determines the events of your life. You cannot expect the raided inmates who stay for some months with an armed robber under the same environment to come out maintaining the same level of innocence with which they have gone in.

You do not need a prophet to know that theseinnocent raided inmates would have contacts with some cultists, rapists, drug abusers, ritualists and the likes and then definitely come our worse then the society would be worst for it.

What a bleak time, the faster the CSO does what the law says the better for us all.

May I succinctly add that when God judges there would be no hiding place for the mighty and the immunity of those presently enjoying such would surely vanish into the thin air.

Finally, a citizen ought not be detained on the basis of hearsay which is mere conjecture and this in law does not count.

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